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For Sale

100 lb. Little Giant Power Hammer. $10,000
Temco Rotary Phase Converter $1,200
Peter Wright Anvil $1,500
Centaur Forge Hooded Coal Forge on Wheels W/ ball joint trailer hitch (great for demonstrations).
With Centaur Blower and .2 HP Baldor Motor $1,000
Buffalo 14 inch 200 hand crank forge blower on stand $200
NC Knifemaker Forge 2 burner (opens on both ends) w/stand $500
Milwaukee Chop Saw w/stand. $150
Central Machinery 3/4 HP Bench Grinder w/light and stand. $200
Peter Wright Leg vise w/ 5 1/4 in. jaws mounted on heavy steel base $300
E.C. Stearns #3 Vintage Industrial Saw Blade Clamp Vise 9 1/2 in. $50
5 ft. Steel Table with Tool Hangers on each side and underneath $500
25 1/2 in. train rail $75
2 Ton Chain Hoist. $35
Wilton 4 in. Bullet Vise 9400HD $350
Wilton 101022- 4 1/2 in. Bullet Vise $750
Craftsman Vise 81855. $100
Small C Clamps $20 ea.
Medium C Clamps $35 ea.
Large C Clamps $45 ea.
2- Two Ton Cherry Pickers $200 ea.
Tongs. $25 ea.
Hammers. $50 ea.
Punches and Chisels. $5. ea.
Hardies. $50 ea.
Piel Tool Green Swage Block-A. $200

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Shari Crossman -

Posted - 9/20/2021

Free Miscellaneous tooling etc. from Hank Knickmeyer's shop

All of this stuff is free for the taking IF the person is, actually, going to use it. Not for scrap - we can do that.

Foundry equipment and tongs to handle crucibles. Again, this is for someone to use as a foundry, not scrap it.
Some kind of lift? Not sure what this is.
Handmade treadle hammer. Ready to use.

*****Note: Treadle hammer is taken ***************

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Bonita Knickmeyer email -

Posted - 9/16/2021

Beverly Shears

Beverly Shears are now being made again in Wright City, MO. Everything they are making will fit the old shears. Also sharpen old blades.

Click here for more info.

Posted - 8/19/2021

Anvil for sale

For. Sale. Trenton acme anvil 102 lbs height 10" total length 23 1/2". Work table 14 1/4 x 31/2". Hardie hole 1". Very good condition. Ready to use.

Bob Alexander. 314-708-0469
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Posted - 8/6/2021

Free Stuff


I am cleaning out my shop, and have some things to give away. They are useful things that I could sell, but I just don’t have time. Some are tools and shop items, others are household. I have everything including the kitchen sink(s). Everything as is. I have included a list and pictures below of some of them, but this is not a complete list. Come and see it. First come first served. Give me a call when you want to come and I will give you directions. Located southeast of Cameron.

various kitchen cabinets
bathroom sink
kitchen sink(s)
glass doors
garden soaking hoses
2 bench vises
wood bolt bin
table top bolt bin
2 school desks
Roadmaster treadmill
2 halogen lights
small hitch
and whatever else I find as I move stuff

I do not have internet at home, so I will not be able to update this as things are taken, and will not respond to emails. Please call me at 816-575-2798. This is a landline phone so I can’t receive text messages, and do not have caller ID, so if you leave a message, please include your phone number and I will call you back.

Thanks for your interest.
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Photo 3

Posted - 7/13/2021

For Sale

For sale is an acetylene generator the barrel is rusted but would be a great display peace. Asking $100 obo.

Samuel Steinhauser

Posted - 5/6/2021

For Sale

Blacksmith Tools.

Niagara shear 225.00

Coal forge 45 1\4 x 32 1\2
Good condition
Good firepot
Removable legs

Matt Dickson

Posted - 3/24/2021

For Sale

25lb Little Giant

I have a 25 lb Little Giant trip hammer, in working condition. Asking $3500, my number is (660) 235-0222.
Samuel Steinhauser

Posted -3/10/21

For Sale

Forging Colonial Ironwork I $20.00
Forging Colonial Ironwork II $20.00
Forging Colonial Ironwork III $20.00
Forging Colonial Ironwork IV $20.00
Click here for a description.
These are a compilation of over 22 years of teaching notes at the folk school and various conferences thru out the US.

Jerry Darnell
Mill Creek Forge
4512 Busbee Road Seagrove, NC 27341

(910) 464-3888 (Shop)
(910) 464-2636 (House)

Posted - 2/14/2021

For Sale

Antique drill press.
Works good, and fun to use! It comes with about #70 of good bits and chucks, drill sizes in 64ths and goes up to 1-1/4” some multiples. 110 motor.
$750 obo.

Metal cutting bandsaw for sale ***SOLD***
$500 obo. Works as is, but the oil pump and the hydraulic cylinder for lowering it are not hooked up.
I have been manually oiling and lowering.


Stainless steel.
Salvage, so I do not know the exact composition but it is in great shape.
3/16 in. plate for $1/pound or $8/square foot $50 minimum and discounted price if you want a lot. I have pieces up to 4 ft.x10 ft. available.

1-1/4 in. solid bar for $9/foot no minimum (I only have short pieces 4 ft. or less).

Matthias Penn Ava, Mo. 417-543-2148.

Posted - 12/23/2020

For Sale

Rebuilt bellows - used one time.
Built and displayed for the Pres. James Polk museum.
On a portable stand. - $800.00


Denny Quinn email -

Posted - 3/18/2018

4 Anvils For Sale

Various sizes, good condition

Contact Ray Joe Hastings, Doniphan, MO
Phone: 573-996-7580
Cell: 573-429-0085

Posted -5/6/2019

Treadle Hammers For Sale

5 inch round anvils


Contact Bob Alexander, Scrub Oak Forge
Phone: 636 586-5350

Posted -4/2/2019

For Sale

Gas forges for sale.
Forced air burner and will produce welding heat.


Contact Robert Miller
573 645 4916

Posted - 9/29/2018

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