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For Sale

I have a 2008 Say-Mak 60kg. Power Hammer for sale. I bought it new and am the original owner. It is in great shape and works like new. It comes with 3 sets of dies, one of them is a set of tennon dies I had made. I am selling it because I am moving and can't take it with me. I hate to leave my baby. Any questions, feel free to call me.



Stu Barragan
West County Forge
314 - 304 - 3678

Posted - 7/5/2017

For Sale, trade or lease...

(1) Anyang Airhammer 33lb single phase, works great ( $4K obo )

(2) Fully Furnished Mobile blacksmithing rig. built inside it's own cage in 7x16' Dolittle tandem axle trailer. on two 7000lb axles. fold out anvil, fold out vise, gas bottle rack, forgemaster blacksmith model forge, ten heavy duty storage drawers, fully wired for 110/220V 50A, welding top bench w/ wilton vise, chopsaw, hot iron tray, slide rails for material hauling or travel bed, too many details. For the serious Craftsman on Tour. ( $17.5K obo)

(3) Shop yard or shop center piece/display. Elevator gear rescued from kc west bottoms, dates back to Tom edison co. restored, painted, still turns, classic industrial age dinosaur.. ( $2.5K obo )


please contact me for details and / or pricing
816 612 5124 or

Posted - 7/8/2017

For Sale

Anvil approximately 70 lb. $225.00

Anvil approximately 60 lb. $175.00

Ray Joe Hastings
Doniphan, Missouri
phone 573-996-7580

Posted - 7/5/2017

For Sale

Fisher Post Vice



Posted - 3/21/2017

For Sale

Blowhorn stake - $120.00 ** sold


Ian Wille Rolla, Missouri
Email -

Posted - 2/27/2017

Large Lot of Books For Sale

I'd sell the books that have an * , separately but will sell all of the books in one package that don't have an asterisk for $400.

Dan Morris

*Metzger Pattern Book for the Artist-Blacksmith translated from German (great for having templates laser cut)
* " Classical Techniques of Hand-Forged Iron Work.
*Alfred Habermann Blacksmith and Designer - like new
*Metal Design International 1999 Hephaistos - “
*Decorative Ironwork by Marian Campbell - “
*Edgar Brandt by Joan Kahr - “
*Otto Schmirler The Smithy’s Craft and Tools - “
*Moving Metal Adolf Steines - “
The Metalsmith’s Book of Boxes & Lockets by Tim McCreight
Hydraulic Die Forming for Jewelers & Metalsmiths Kingsley paperback exec.
Catalogue of Drawings for Wrought Ironwork paper. like new.
History of Metallography by Cyril Stanley Smith
Art of Blacksmithing Alex Bealer exec.
Decorative Antique Ironwork Dover - exec.
Beginning Blacksmithing One Missippi Journeyman’s View -
Art Deco Ornamental Ironwork by Martinie exec.
Art Nouveau Decorative Ironwork by Menten exec.
Art Deco Decorative Ironwork Cicuzot - exec.
3,000 Decorative Patterns of the Ancient World - exec.
A Pictorial Encyclopedia of Decorative Ironwork by Hoever. exec.
*Early American Ironware Kauffman exec.
Medieval Knight
The Master Bladesmith Hrisoulas exec
Bowies, Big Knives and the Best of Battle Blades by Bill Bagell - exec
Knife making Bo Bergman - exec
Knives Illustrated 1999 - exec
Knives Illustrated 2000 - Exec.
The Hand Forged Knife Karl Schroen - exec
Step by Step Knifemaking Boye - exec
Ed Fowler’s Knife Talk II exec
Ed Fowler’s Knife Talk II “
Indian and Oriental Arms and Armour - exec
Arms and Armour E. Jaiwant Paul - exec
How to Make Knives Barney & Loveless
Wayne Goddard’s $50 knife book
The Wonder of Knifemaking by Wayne Goddard
Bob Engnath Catalog and Instruction Manual
Basic Forging and Pattern Welded Damascus Steel by Jerry Fisk.
*Descriptive Drawing for Metalwork by Rudolf Baum
*Descriptive Drawing for Metalwork Workbook by Rudolf Baum
The Art of Engraving James B. Meek
The Artist Blacksmith by Peter Parkinson - good reading edition with some notes, etc.

Posted - 1/26/2017

For Sale

100 lb little giant trip hammer, no motor, very good condition $4,000.00

old Hobart Bro. Co pedestal grinder, 2 hp 220 volt, 1" shaft, 32" between rocks. needs a little work $100.00

48" cone mandrel $500.00

Pexto hand bead roller $200.00

32" foot powered shear, no brand name, with rear fence, good knife. for light metal $400.00

5 new hanson grinding wheels medium grit $20.00 each-- sizes as follows
4--1 3/4" hole x 1 1/4" x 12"
1--1" x 1 1/2" x 12"

Bill Carroll
Chaffee Missouri
phone 573-264-3942

Posted - 1/25/2017

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