Next Meeting

The meeting demos usually start between 8:30 & 9:00 A.M. and run to about noon. The business meeting, iron in the hat, and trade items usually follow immediately after lunch. After this there may be additional demos or an open forge. All of this depends on the host and the particular demonstrator(s) for the day. If there are any questions, contact the meeting host. We will try to have the host contact information listed at least one month in advance of the meeting.

** NOTE: There has occasionally been some confusion by newer members about the iron in the hat and the trade items at BAM meetings.

The iron in the hat items are items that are donated by various members and are raffled off at each meeting. The iron in the hat items might be anything from tools to materials to white elephant items. Quite often, the demonstrator for the day will donate his or her demo pieces to the iron in the hat. There are raffle tickets available for sale at the meetings and tickets are drawn after the business portion of the meeting, usually right after the lunch break. Everyone is invited to participate in the iron in the hat raffle and also encouraged to occasionally donate items for the raffle.

The trade item for each meeting is selected by the host in advance of the meeting and might be any forged item to be made by the participating members. The idea behind the trade item is to show each participantís solution to a given task. It is also a chance to show each participantís unique skill set and a chance to try some piece that might stretch those skills. A ticket is assigned to each trade item and each participant draws a ticket number and receives the matching item. You must bring a trade item to participate in the trade and all members are encouraged to participate regardless of skill level. The trade item exchange is usually conducted immediately after the iron in the hat raffle.

The next meeting will be June 9 at 6792 County Road 424 Mokane, MO 65251.

Ned and Esther Digh are hosting. Drew Johnson will be the demonstrator.
Lunch will be provided.

Check the BAM calendar for future meeting schedules.