Join the "Around the Anvil" Newsgroup

"Around the Anvil" is BAM's email newsgroup. Any email messages sent to the group are automatically forwarded to each members email. It is a great way to make announcements, ask questions of the collective group, or just general BS. We encourage all members to join the group to take advantage of all your BAM membership benefits. Often information is posted here in order to immediately get the news to members, rather than waiting for the next edition of the newsletter.

To join the group, simply click on this link and send an email request to join. Subscribe.   (Note that if you are using a web based email and the link does not work, email the request to

You must send this email request from the address that you wish to receive the group messages.

You will receive an email back, asking you to confirm your subscription. When you click on the confirm link in the email you will be taken to the Yahoo website and presented with the choice of full Yahoo group membership, or email list only.

The full Yahoo group membership requires you to set up a Yahoo Id, the "email list only" option does not require any further setup. You will receive a confirmation email back when your request has been approved by the moderator of the group.

When your membership has been approved, you may post messages to the group by sending an email to