Knives By
V. J. McCrackin

Damascus Bowie Knife, 384 layers of 01 and 1018 steel. Random pattern. Blued steel guard and but cap. Maple handle. Blade is 91/2"

Damascus Bowie Knife, 384 Layers of 01 and 1018 Steel. Random pattern. Nickel-silver guard and pin. Hippopotamus tooth handle. Blade is 91/2"

Damascus Hunter, 320 layers of 203E and 1095 steel. Raindrop pattern. Stabilized maple handle. Blade is 41/2"
Photo's Above By Jeffery M. Bruce

Damascus Bowie Knife, 01, 1018, and L6 steel, 3 bar twist and ladder pattern. Nickel silver guard and spacers. Amber and stag handle.
Photo by Kevin McCrackin