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BAM was formed at a blacksmith hammer-in at Culver-Stockton College on November 4, 1983.

Bob Patrick had obtained the Missouri portion of the ABANA membership list and sent invitations to the hammer-in to each Missouri member. If memory serves, there were twelve individuals in attendance, including Doug Hendrickson, Bonnie Hendrickson, Steve Austin, Don Asbee, me (Bernie Tappel), Bob Patrick, Grady Holley, Steve Baker, and Robert Baker. There was another couple there, but I don’t remember their names and I don’t think they were ever active in BAM as I don’t recall seeing them ever again. Also, one of the professors from Culver-Stockton attended and again, I can’t remember his name. If anyone reading this was at the meeting and I left your name out, let me know so I can include it here.

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