Recipients of the BAM Founder’s Award

The Bob Patrick Founder’s Award was instituted in 1992. It is a traveling award that is awarded annually to one member. The award recognizes individuals who have made a significant contribution of time and talent to further BAM’s goals. The recipient is charged with the duty of selecting the next recipient and presenting it the next year. The award is a brass anvil with the names of the recipients engraved on the anvil.

The first award was presented to Jerry Hoffmann at the July 1992 meeting at Vernon Fisher’s shop at the Lake of the Ozarks. Thereafter it was to be presented each year at the annual conference.

  1992    Jerry Hoffmann  
  1993    Doug Hendrickson
  1994    Steve Austin
  1994    Louis Mueller
  1995    Tom Clark
  1996    Jim McCarty
  1996    Pat McCarty
  1997    Bob Alexander
  1998    John Murray
  1999    Phil Williamson
  2000    Maurice Ellis
  2001    Peggy Williamson
  2002    Bruce Herzog
  2003    Walt Hull
  2004    John Sherwood
  2005    Joe Wilkinson
  2006    Kirk Sullens
  2007    Don Birdsall
  2008    Bob Ehrenberger
  2009    Second Award to John Murray
  2010    Second Award to Bob Alexander
  2011    Ken Jansen
  2012    Ned Digh
  2013    Karen Bouckaert
  2013    Don Anders
  2014    Kent Harbit
  2015    Bernie Tappel
  2015    Patti Tappel
  2016    Mike McLaughlin
  2017    Phil Cox
  2017    Margie Cox
  2018    Mark Lawson
  2019    Don Nichols
  2021    Matthew Burnett
  2022    Bob Stormer
  2023    Willy Bagley