Blacksmith Books – Free Downloads

1892 Illustrated General Catalogue of the Buffalo Forge Co.
1896 Illustrated General Catalogue of the Buffalo Forge Co.
1929 Buffalo Forge Co. catalog no. 801
Canedy-Otto catalog no. 8
Blacksmith Shop Practice
Decorative Ironwork (COSIRA)Part 1Part 2
Blacksmiths Manual Illustrated – J. W. Lillico
Boynton Plummer 1903 Catalog
Bradley Hammer Catalog with specifications
Bradley Upright Hammer Operating Manual and Parts List
Catalog of Drawings for Weathervanes – COSIRA
Catalog of Drawings for Wrought Ironwork – COSIRA
Catalogue of Drawings for Wrought Ironwork Gates (COSIRA)Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6
Clay Spencer Treadle Hammer Tools
Clay Spencer Tire Hammer Tools
Cyclopedia of Mechanical Engineering – Howard Monroe Raymond
Elementary forge practice – Robert Henry Harcourt
Essentials of Sheet Metal Work and Pattern Drafting – James S. Daugherty
F. Ronday – Claessens Blacksmith Equipment Catalog – Belgian
Farm shop work, practical manual training (1915)- Brace, George M
Farm blacksmithing J. M. Drew
First Fires A Workshop for Beginners – Lou Mueller
Forgecraft – Charles Philip Crowe
Forge practice (elementary) (second edition) – John Lord Bacon
Forge practice & heat treatment of steel (third edition)- John Lord Bacon
Forge work – William L. Ilgen, Charles F. Moore
Forging – John Jernberg
Forging of Iron and Steel: A Text Book for the Use of Students in Colleges – William Allyn Richards
Handbook of Practical Smithing and Forging – Thomas Moore
Hand-forging and Wrought-iron Ornamental Work – Thomas Francis Googerty
Hay Budden Catalog – 1914
Jardine Catalog – 1927
Making a Wheel (COSIRA)Part 1Part 2Part 3
Mechanical Technology – George Frederick Charnock
Metals for Engineering Craftsmen – COSIRA
Modern Sheet-Metal Workers Instructor – Joseph H. Rose
Notes for Forge Shop Practice – James Drake Littlefield
Plain and ornamental forging – Ernst Schwarzkopf
Potts & Weber 1892 Catalogue
Practical Blacksmithing Volume 1- M. T. Richardson
Practical Blacksmithing Volume 2- M. T. Richardson
Practical Blacksmithing Volume 3- M. T. Richardson
Practical Blacksmithing Volume 4- M. T. Richardson
Practical Forging and Art Smithing – Thomas F. Googerty
The Blacksmith’s Craft (COSIRA)Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5
Sheet Metal Pattern Layouts – Edwin P. Anderson
The Sheet-Metal Workers Manual – L. Broemel, J.s. Daugherty
Spanish Ironwork – Arthur Byne, Mildred Stapley Byne
Steel Working and Tool Dressing – Warren S. Casterlin
The Blacksmith’s Guide – J.F. Sallows
The Sheet-Metal Workers Instructor – R. H. Warn
The Smith’s Pocket Companion – J. Marquardt
The Value of Science in the Smithy and Forge – W. H. Catheart
Wrought Ironwork (COSIRA)Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6
1904 Modern Blacksmithing – J. G. HOLMSTROM

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