New BAM Website

If you found your way this page it will soon be the new website for the Blacksmith Association of Missouri (BAM).

This site is not yet active. Click HERE to go to the active web site.

Celebrating 40 years of BAM – Founded 11/4/1983
“Back in the early days of BAM everything was new to us. Our meetings were held in old garages and sheds, and we would huddle around the anvil as everyone took turns demonstrating his newest discovery. The members who knew how to forge weld seemed to posses some magical power that elluded the rest of us. They would smash together white hot steel as we watched in amazement. Like growing up, there was a newness about it all that could only happen once.” – Jerry Hoffmann
Longtime BAM member Jerry Hoffmann passed away June 28, 2023. Jerry was very instrumental in the success of BAM in its early years. He was a frequent demonstrator, hosted meetings, and was responsible for many of the illustrations in the BAM newsletter, including the popular “Grubby Little Blacksmith” cartoons. Jerry also designed the BAM logo. He published the Blacksmiths Journal for many years that is still a valuable resource for blacksmiths. This is the link to his obituary that lists many of Jerry’s other accomplishments. He was truly a man of many talents.
Rest in Peace Jerry. The blacksmith community will miss you.