Blacksmiths Association of Missouri

        Dedicated to the preservation and advancement of the blacksmithing art and craft.
Founded 11/4/1983.
Celebrating 36 years of BAM - Founded 11/4/1983
"Back in the early days of BAM everything was new to us. Our meetings were held in old garages and sheds, and we would huddle around the anvil as everyone took turns demonstrating his newest discovery. The members who knew how to forge weld seemed to posses some magical power that elluded the rest of us. They would smash together white hot steel as we watched in amazement. Like growing up, there was a newness about it all that could only happen once." - Jerry Hoffmann
We have received word that long time BAM member John Huff passed away 9/11/2019.
Click here for a link to the obituary and the funeral arrangements.

The next meeting will be September 14 at 6792 County Rte 424, Fulton, MO.

Ned & Esther Digh hosting 573-642-9502.

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Lunch will be provided.

 Check the BAM events calendar for future meeting schedule.

2020 Annual Ozark Conference

Mark your calendars now - April 30 - May 3, 2020

Allen Newberry will be the knifemaker demonstrator. The blacksmith demonstrator is yet to be confirmed.

There will be spouse programs, featuring Tami Bagley - stained glass, and Mary Jo McCarty - basketmaking.

Stay tuned for more details in upcoming months.

Learn the fundamentals of Blacksmithing from Bob Alexander.

Beginner and intermediate classes are being offered at Mueller Industries, 12951 Maurer Industrial Dr. , 63127

For more information call 314-842-0796 or email;


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