Blacksmiths Association of Missouri

        Dedicated to the preservation and advancement of the blacksmithing art and craft.
Founded 11/4/1983.
Mark your calendars now for the 2019 BAM Ozark Conference, May 2 - 5, in Sedalia, MO. Check the right column below for more details and registration information.

The next meeting will be March 23 at Tom Kennon blacksmith shop at 200-298 Franklin St, Doniphan, MO 63935.

Chris Miller hosting (573) 996-5298.

Click here for a Google map

Chris Miller will be the demonstrator.

Lunch will be provided.

Trade item is "Something riveted".

 Check the BAM events calendar for future meeting schedule.

2019 BAM Ozark Conference May 2 - 5 at Missouri State Fairgrounds in Sedalia, Mo.

Demonstrators are
Jymm Hoffman and
Raymond Rybar.
Click on the links to see additional info on each demonstrator.

The conference flyer and registration info are also available here:
We will be raffling three toolboxes again this year. Please condsider making a donation to the toolboxes. Any tool (hammer, tongs, punches, chisels, etc.), handmade or purchased, or forge supply item (flux, gloves, safety glasses, soapstone, etc.) will be welcome. This raffle is always a popular event at the conference and contributes a sizeable amount to our conference income.

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