Blacksmiths Association of Missouri

        Dedicated to the preservation and advancement of the blacksmithing art and craft.
Founded 11/4/1983.
Luke Kirkweg gets in some forging time at the hammer in at Osage Bluff Blacksmith Shop


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"Old Retired Guys And Anyone That Wants To Take A Vacation Day" Hammer In.
A lot of forging going on at the hammer in. We had four forges going full blast all day and 50+ blacksmiths in attendance. Check the BAM photos page for more pictures.

How do real blacksmiths celebrate New Year?

By attending the Headache Hammer In of course! Pat McCarty will be hosting the New Year's Day Headache Hammer In again on Jan. 1 at the Washington Forge. This is THE event to usher in the New Year. Come and enjoy some great company, do a little forging and a lot of, and enjoy a big bowl of Mary Jo's posole.
Click here for a map.

Next meeting - January 14, 2017 - Dale Kirby, Higbee, MO
Map under Meeting Schedule link on left. Trade item is to be announced.
Lunch will be provided.
The 2017 conference will be May 4 through May 7.
The location will again be the state fairgrounds in Sedalia, Mo.
Demonstrators will be Howard Clark, Allan Kress, Lyle Wynn, and Matthew Burnett.
Check back here as more information is available

Start thinking about something for the gallery. Also keep in mind something for a donation for the toolbox raffle. Check out the list below for a suggested list of items for donation. Let Bernie know what you intend to donate and he will put your name on the list next to the item.
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** NEW ** Youth sizes BAM logo tees. 100% cotton with BAM logo screen printed on front. $12.00 ea.

BAM logo mugs are available through the BAM Boutique @ $18.00 each. BAM logo steins are also available @ $30.00 ea. These are hand thrown pottery mugs by Rob Withrow of Brasstown, NC. - - - Contact Patti Tappel for details.
100% cotton denim long sleeved shirts and grey hooded sweatshirts with zipper are now available. BAM logo embroidered on left front. Denim shirts are $35.00 ea. Sweatshirts are $20.00 ea.

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This website is dedicated to the memory of Ed Harper, born March 23, 1944, died April 13, 2012.
Ed spent countless hours of volunteer effort in setting up and maintaining this site and moderating the Around the Anvil newsgroup. In addition to being a talented blacksmith and a friend to everyone he met, he was the webmaster of this site from 2002 until his death in 2012. He will be missed.
Rest in peace Ed.